Mise à jour – Firmware v01.03.0000 le 6/12/2016

Date : 2016.12.06
Firmware : v01.03.0000
DJI GO 4 App iOS : v4.0.0
DJI GO 4 App Android : v4.0.0

What’s New?

1. Added AR route display in TapFly mode when used with the DJI GO 4 app.
2. Added a vibration warning for the remote controller when the aircraft enters ATTI mode.
3. Added wind speed evaluation and a high wind speed warning.
4. Added more film looks and color modes (when used with the DJI GO 4 app).


1. Optimized the compass algorithm to reduce switching from GPS Mode to ATTI Mode.
2. Improved magnetic detection for the remote controller. The aircraft will now return to home when strong magnetic interference is detected.
3. Improved the speed at which the HD video link connection can be regained after disruption.
4. Optimized altitude maintenance capabilities when flying over water.
5. Optimized Gesture Mode.
6. Improved the indoor flying experience by shortening the minimum distance from an obstacle from 3m to 1m.
7. Optimized power management for long-term battery storage.


1. Restart the aircraft and remote controller after upgrade is complete.
2. If the firmware upgrade fails, restart aircraft, remote controller and DJI GO 4, and retry.

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